Last April, I was lucky enough to get hold of a Bridgestone Anchor UC-9 touring bicycle. It was equipped with a decent, but rather worn out Shimano Sora 3400 3x9 groupset, mismatched Tektro cantilever brakes and 700c x 32 hybrid tires. With some tinkering done by the sages at John Wilkie, I was able to resurrect the bike and have it running decently. However, I had this nagging voice in my head telling me to bring the bike up another notch. Something in the area of… gravel. Say whaaa? Yep, a hybrid-touring/gravel bike, or something in that configuration. I had the basic foundations – a chromoly frame with a relaxed geometry, bosses for cantilever brake bosses, and tire clearance that can accommodate 35+mm tires. So maybe, just maybe this little experiment might work. Keep you guys posted.

Hocus Focus

Doing long rides is like meditating. For almost eight hours. On two wheels. While trying your best not to get hurt. After yesterday's long ride to Tagaytay, I've come to think that I may have strayed off course from my original plan of getting fit. Not that I'm beginning to hate triathlons but what started out as simply running with a side of gym workouts has now evolved to a series of swim-bike-run sessions. These sessions are a tad bit harder on my wallet than on myself.

In three, two, one...

Testing, testing... Soooo, am I ready to start doing this again?

Buti na lang wala nang nagbabasa ng blog...

Sometimes, I come up with the weirdest, strangest thoughts. Though, maybe it's kinda true (?). Case in point: I miss my barkada , but do they feel the same? I'm beginning to think that bridge-burning could happen, just so that "letting go" could happen. Tutal, kanya-kanyang buhay na 'yan. Nakakapanghinayang? You betcha.
I just can't wait to hear about the next fitness fad...
It's aliiiive!!!!


Saw the director who won in Cannes this morning on Unang Hirit. Congrats to him... yey Never really was a fan of indie films. Themes like sadness, sex, homosexuality, violence seems to be the ticket to worldwide accolades, well, most of the time. I'm pretty sure the people behind them spent a lot of time and (often, their own) money creating their movies. They really deserve all that praise for their hard work. No offense but, wala na po bang iba? I guess I'm just too shallow for these things.

Gee Whiz...

Allow me to share a shallow yet very frustrating thing... I went to work in decent work clothes with the idea that I would get to do some real work like discussions with the staff, catching up on our projects and meeting some document requirements. I psyched myself up and prepared for what could be a real day IN the office. But alas and alack, Big Boss had something else in mind. I was tasked, no, ordered to take the car we're building out on test drives. Yup, test drives - more than one test drive which practically took up the rest of the day! Our mechanic and I would take the car out, test drive it, search for any kinks, repair it and test drive it again for 4 times. Sigh. What made it really bad was that I really wasn't wearing something comfortable. The sun was out and the A/C was non-existent. Not exactly a jeans, (new) T-shirt and leather shoes activity. Big Boss breathing down my neck did not help. I really hope we get everything sorted. Being some kinda Jack-of-all